Heidi Gunesch is a photographer and interior architect based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Photography has accompanied her from the age of ten. Someone gave her a reflex
camera just as her family had emigrated from a Saxon village in Romania to Germany.
She became passionate about journalism, and photography has been her way of seeing
people closer and understanding more about herself.

During her studies and practice in architecture, Heidi went from a large scale of
designing spaces for humans to an intimate one. Her university degree includes a focus
in urban planning, while her practice took her to housing projects of various scales.
Being most interested in the way a person sensually experiences a space, she moved
on to interior architecture.

Today, her work as a photographer and as an interior architect is all about portraiture.
With her sensitive approach, Heidi is capable of seeing and shaping relationships 
between people and spaces.
In her portrait photography the space is set carefully to support a personal encounter.
Her interior photography is about portaits of spaces, in which inhabitants are present
by subtle means. Finally, the physical spaces she creates as an interior architect aim at
being appropriate portraits of their users.

The ocean, the forest, snowy mountains, gardens and kitchens are her spaces to feel
grounded and connected.

Heidi photographs portraits for editorial and corporate purposes, as well as interiors 
and architecture. Her services as an interior architect include designing residential
and intimate commercial spaces, creative support and lecturing.


1997-2003  University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Architecture Dipl.-Ing.
2009-2010  Zurich University of the Arts, Continuing Education, Photography, Roland Iselin
2010-2012  GAF Group of Autodidactic Photographers, Zürich, Class ZH10.10, Roland Iselin
2018            LB Academy Zurich, Masterclass Portraits, Daniel Auf der Mauer

2004-2008  Baumschlager Eberle Architekten, Project Manager in Austria, Switzerland and China
2008-2010  Studio Hannes Wettstein, Zurich, Project Manager Interior Architecture
2010-2011  Baumschlager Eberle Architekten, Zurich, Project Manager
2012-2018  alp ag, Lucerne, Project Manager, from 2014 Member of the Executive Board, Creative Director
2014-          Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Institute of Interior Architecture, Associate Lecturer
2018-          Self employed Photographer and Interior Architect

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